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Unlock the Secrets of Homoeopathy: Register for the Summer Conference!

by Allen College of Homoeopathy
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Welcome to the Allen College Summer Conference 2024, a pinnacle event in the world of Classical Homoeopathy. Dive deep into a week-long immersive experience where students and practitioners converge to elevate their understanding and application of homoeopathic principles.

1. Aims:

  • Develop Materia Medica Knowledge: Unlock the secrets of homoeopathic medicines through comprehensive study.
  • Bridge Theory and Practice: Close the gap between theoretical understanding and clinical application.
  • Enhance Organon Application: Refine your skills in applying Organon principles in clinical settings.
  • Master Case-Taking: Hone your case-taking skills to become a confident prescriber.
  • Grasp Key Expressions: Understand homoeopathic medicines through key expressions.
  • Miasmatic Knowledge: Deepen your understanding of miasmatic classification.
  • Instant Comparison: Learn to compare related homoeopathic medicines effortlessly.
  • Banerjea Approach: Gain insights into the time-tested prescribing approach of the Banerjea family.
  • Prescribing for Drug-Dependent Cases: Confidently prescribe for cases with drug dependencies.
  • Live Case Observation: Witness the success of various live cases, including advanced pathologies.
  • Organopathic Medicines: Explore lesser-known organopathic medicines for holistic treatment.
  • Practical Homoeopathy in Modern World: Develop strategies for practical homoeopathy in a drug-dependent world.

2. Location:

  • On-site: Join us at our College in Chelmsford for an immersive experience.
  • Online: Attend remotely via interactive video-link, with extensive lecture notes provided.

3. Schedule Highlights:

  • Live Case Transmissions: Experience live case transmissions from India Medical Centre.
  • In-depth Case Analysis: Explore real-life cases, struggles, and successes in homoeopathic treatment.
  • Interactive Discussions: Engage in lively discussions and case analyses at Allen Teaching Clinic.
  • Summer Conference Party: Celebrate the culmination of the conference with our graduation ceremony.

4. Accommodation:

  • Various accommodations available in Chelmsford. Details provided upon registration.

5. Payment & Fees:

  • Tuition: Includes extensive notes for 7 full days of intensive teaching.
  • Classroom Attendance: £680 for seven days.
  • Online Attendance: £630 for seven days.

6. Registration:

  • Secure your spot with a £200 deposit. Fill out the registration form on our website.


Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Classical Homoeopathy at the Allen College Summer Conference 2024. Whether you’re a student or a seasoned practitioner, this event promises to enrich your knowledge and refine your skills. Register now and embark on a transformative journey!

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