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"I was first introduced to homeopathy by a veterinarian who treated my cat. Since I was so intrigued I also decided to be treated by a homeopath. I was so impressed with the whole case taking procedure noting that no conventional doctor had ever taken the time to get to know me so well. When I left my consultation, I said to myself, "I want to be a homeopath." I studied in Canada to get my practitioners level and then set up practice. It wasn't long before I realized that even with my diploma, I really wasn't ready to tackle the rmost difficult cases. Something was missing.Then I was introduced to the Allen College of Homoeopathy and Dr. Subrata Banerjea. Before studying with him, I decided that my mother should consult with him and then I should myself as well. My mother is 84 and vibrant. Dr. Banerjea has kept her healthy now for 7 years after she had suffered a stroke from a 100% blocked carotid artery. Her other artery is partially blocked. The conventional doctors were all annoyed with me for not allowing her to take conventional drugs. Now they are impressed with how well she is doing without their drugs. As long as Dr. Banerjea cares for her, I know she will enjoy a quality life. She amazes our family and friends.

I went to the Allen College for summer school and then enrolled in the 2 year Post Grad program. My level of knowledge has increased 10 fold and my confidence in treating the more difficult cases has as well. What is so impressive is the depth of the training, the focus on miasmatic prescribing and the invaluable clinical tips that Dr. Banerjea shares from this own experience as well as his ancestors'. Live case studies are not only interesting but chalk full of valuable insights on how to get to the right remedy and watch the beauty of the case unfold.

I highly recommend this college. You will come out strong and confident in your methodology knowing you will get results."

Anita Nicholson, P.G.Hom
Nova Scotia, Canada

Our Principals

Allen College of Homoeopathy is headed by the Principal, Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea and  Joint  Principal Janet Banerjea.

Dr. Subrata Banerjea, BHMS; FFHom.; FHMA is an internationally respected teacher and clinical Homoeopath who has lectured around the world since 1985. For five generations, the 'Banerjea family' has been recognised as authorities on Miasmatic Prescribing and Dr. Banerjea continues this tradition, by teaching the practical application of this aspect of prescribing. After graduating from the University of Calcutta, he practised in  thriving clinics in Calcutta for over twenty years before moving to England.  Dr Banerjea enjoys the challenge of Homoeopathic practice in advanced cases and regularly teaches all over the world.

Janet Banerjea RSHom has practised since 1991 and lectured since 1992. Her experience with a wide variety of cases enables her to make insightful prescriptions. Janet continues to have an interest in the development of students and enthusiastically teaches case management alongside philosophical aspects of homoeopathy.  Her regular supervision groups ensure graduates are supported in practice with lively discussions with discerning observation. 

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