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2 week Clinical Training in Calcutta


The Bengal Allen Medical Institute offers a Clinical discussion programme in Homoeopathy in which at least 200 live cases are demonstrated. The aim of the 2 week clinical training course entitled "VISITOR HOMOEOPATH'S EXCHANGE DISCUSSION PROGRAMME" (VHEDP), is to demonstrate a simple, straight forward, time tested classical method of Homoeopathy. Students are delighted to see Homoeopathy (or Homeopathy) that works, can be so simple.

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'SIMILIMUM', 46 Creek Row,
Calcutta - 700 014, INDIA
Tel No. +91 98303 78816 / (91-33) 2265-8438
E. Mail No. :- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address for Correspondence:
Post Box No.: 2282, G.P.O. CALCUTTA - 700 001, INDIA

Welcome to Calcutta



2018 Dates : 25th January (Thursday) to 9th February (Friday) 2018.


THE AIM OF THE COURSE: To demonstrate a simple, straight forward, time tested classical method of Homoeopathy.  Students are delighted to see Homoeopathy that works, can be so simple.

Welcome to CalcuttaWelcome to Calcutta Calcutta the City of Mother TeresaCalcutta, the city of Mother Teresa Calcutta, the most Indian of Indian CitiesCalcutta, the most Indian of Indian Cities



Practical Training in CalcuttaPractical Training in Calcutta, India: why choose Calcutta Clinical Training?

  • 200 live cases in 2 weeks : Practical training.
  • Improved cases with heavy pathology seen & discussed during this intensive course.
  • Established in 1985 with Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea.
  • Teachers with international reputation with vast experience of cured cases.
  • Ready application of Clinical Materia Medica & Miasm.(use Miasm as repeatedly verified methodology in daily practice).
  • Extensive lecture notes provided.
  • Simple classical teaching.
  • Individual support & guidance.
  • 80+ hours of CPD & Clinical hours Certificate.
  • Observe homoeopathy in action in advanced pathologies and develop your confidence.
  • See how simple homoeopathy works. The non confusing, time tested methodology of combining miasm and totality.
  • Purchase homoeopathic medicines while in India in a very reasonable rate and the savings thereof will pay for your trip.

3 major Aims of the Course:

  • Do not get confused by different methodologies.

Believe in 200+ years of a clear approach to prescribing including miasms, totality & essence with sound knowledge in Materia Medica. A practical method which gives you and your patient the confidence in homoeopathy.

  • See "Homoeopathy in Action" through 200+ live cases in 2 weeks with practical demonstration of benefited & improved cases with heavy pathology.
  • Homoeopathy can work quickly. Re-visit the action of century old lesser known Organopathic medicines like Helonius, Tanacetum, Verbena in Depression; Amyl Nit., Epiphegus, Melilotus, Onosmodium, Usnea for Migraine and wean off the conventional chemicals in accordance with aphorism §91 of Organon and thereby giving confidence to the patient that (a) yes, I can control the dosage and may take fewer chemicals; (b) there are alternatives to manage my condition and (c) homoeopathy is working for me!



Practical Training in CalcuttaIt is generally accepted that homoeopathy is practised widely as primary health care in India. Calcutta has a rich heritage in Homoeopathy and offered the first University and Government approved full time homoeopathic 5 years degree course.

All across India homeopathy is accepted as being the major alternative to pharmaceutical medicine and as such has enormous popularity, which is mainly due to its presence in the sub-continent over 150 years as well as its coherence with Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence.

The Banerjea family has practised Classical Homoeopathy for four generations and the Institute has a long heritage. The tradition of sharing experience is continued through this course and by the teaching of the fourth and fifth generation homoeopaths, Dr. Subrata and his son, Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea, their insights into prescribing with their magnificent grasp of the nuances of Materia Medica make these lectures wonderfully rewarding and gives the confidence in prescribing especially in cases with advanced pathology.

He often sees around 50 patients a day in this Calcutta Medical Centre, such volume requires the use of extensive ready knowledge of Clinical and Comparative Materia Medica coupled with profound intuition and application of ancestral wisdom. Students of Dr. Banerjea will testify to the remarkable knowledge and enthusiasm which he generously imparts to all who share his passion for this most rational of healing arts. His dedication to the truth of homoeopathy is regarded as inspiring and unsurpassed.

Calcutta ClassroomCalcutta Classroom
Calcutta Class Room

The colleagues of Dr. Banerjea including his son, Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea, the 5th generation homoeopath, will also lecture and their approach is classical and has vast experience of treating advanced pathologies with homoeopathy.

This programme promotes practical and clinical discussions on Homoeopathy along with exposure to 'Clinical Methods Of Diagnosis'. The emphasis is primarily on practical homoeopathic prescribing.

The course is intended for graduates of professional courses, newly qualified and those who have been in practice for a number of years. The course is open to people who have had some experience with clinical homoeopathy. The course is unsuitable for complete beginners.

The aims of the course are to:Calcutta Classroom

  • Expand clinical experience for homoeopaths across the world,
  • Develop your Materia Medica,
  • Compare medicines instantly,
  • Be a confident prescriber with time tested, century old scientific approach of combining miasms+totality & essence with sound knowledge in Materia Medica,
  • Offer a place for continuing education,
  • Place a network, meet and work with Homoeopaths worldwide,
  • Research and place Homoeopathy in the forefront of health care,
  • Continue personal and practice development,
  • Enable participants to extend the use of Miasm in everyday practice,
  • Practice the art of observation in numerous patients especially with gross pathology and the relevance of Materia Medica,

At the beginning of the course time is spent acknowledging methodologies and stating the methodology generally used by the homoeopaths/doctors within the Institute. This is particularly relevant because due to the quantity of patients at many of the clinics there are methodologies in place, which permit rapid prescribing whilst maintaining a quality of prescription addressing the totality.

It has been said by students of the course that the experience offered by the Institute greatly enhances knowledge, improves confidence and widens horizons. It enables practitioners to know which pathology homoeopathy can safely and successfully address and those it cannot.

Fast Prescribing Class in Slum Clinic
Fast Prescribing Class in Slum Clinic
Subrata & Janet in Slum Clinic Class
Subrata & Janet in Slum Clinic Class
Institute's Sponsored Clinic
Institute's Sponsored Clinic

There are medical diagnosis sessions, often with patients present, which serve to consolidate existing knowledge, and to have an opportunity to discuss Comparative Materia Medica.

As the course has been in existence for over 30+ years; the staffs and general management understand the needs and expectations of the overseas students. Teaching will be in relevance to that of Europe and other western countries. Discussion and reflection are integral within the sessions.

Due to the nature of the course the numbers are limited to maximise learning opportunities.

It is a privately organised programme, which offers an unique opportunity to share the vast clinical experience of Dr. Banerjea and his colleagues. During the course, participants gain exposure to miasmatic prescribing, clinical discussion, clinical examination and fast prescribing techniques with live case demonstrations.

We do not offer any degree or diploma on completion as this is a Clinical programme for exchange of education, however you will receive an 'Attendance Certificate' in which the clinical hours that you have participated will be mentioned. The programme is so designed that each visitor has an opportunity to observe 'Homoeopathy in Action' in such diverse cases as Advanced Arthritic problems, Asthma, Cancers, Dementia, Fibroids, Gastric disorders, Hepatitis, Migraines, Psoriasis, Psychiatric disorders, Scleroderma, Sterility, UTI and so forth. Clinical interpretation and Miasmatic approach are thoroughly explained. All visitors can expect to enhance their own clinical intuition and miasmatic knowledge and learn to apply them successfully in everyday practice.

Approximately 200 live cases will be seen during the programme.

The programme aims to close the gap between theory and practice and guarantees the application of miasmatic knowledge and the confident use of Materia Medica and the Organon, in everyday practice. Dr. Banerjea will be especially sharing his 'Essence Triangle' and explaining the 'sum-up' and core criteria ('Key-string') of each medicine.



The Bengal Allen Medical InstituteTHE BENGAL ALLEN MEDICAL INSTITUTE is the glorious revival of the century old 'Bengal Allen Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital', which was one of the landmarks of Homoeopathic teaching in the history of Homoeopathy in India. The Institute is not a profiteering concern by virtue of its charitable registration under the Government. To remain a registered charity the accounts are audited by registered chartered accountants and the audit reports are submitted to the Government for further audit under the charitable trust act (Societies Registration Act). All profits go towards maintaining the Homoeopathy Clinic in the slums of Calcutta and to providing basic sustenance for hungry children. By attending the course you will be actively supporting the charity.



The course is intended for any students/persons with an interest in Homoeopathy who has some previous academic/practical experience. The course assumes that each student has a basic knowledge of homoeopathic (homeopathic) principles.




i) Materia Medica : Clinical; Comparative and Miasmatic Materia Medica with Dr. Banerjea's well acclaimed 'essence triangle' and 'picturised-presentation' of each remedy.
ii) Organon of Medicine : A method for practical implementation of the Organon of Medicine.
iii) Case Taking : Practical approach to rapid case taking and case analysis with Miasmatic dissection of each case.
iv) Posology and L.M. Scale Prescribing, including Hahnemannian dispensing directives.
v) Dietetics and its homoeopathic implementations.
vi) Clinical Therapeutics: Discussion of 'lesser known small medicines' with reference to the Banerjea family's ancestral tips. Homoeopathic broncho-dilators; homoeopathic astringents; homoeopathic anti-hypertensives etc.
vii) The approach of Homoeopathy in steroid / inhaler/ beta-blocker etc. dependent cases with extensive case reference from Dr. Banerjea's wide experience of gross pathologies in India. Audio-visual presentation of improved cases.
viii) Homoeopathic Clinical Therapeutics with Miasmatics and Comparative Materia Medica of a selection from the following:

(a) Paediatrics including Neonatology and Homoeopathic Vaccination with practical experience as prescribed in slums of Calcutta.
(b) The value and use of Homoeopathy in acute cases and medical crisis situations.
(c) Respiratory disorders including Bronchospasm and how to withdraw Steroids.
(d) Diabetology including steps to withdraw allopathic oral anti-diabetic drugs.
(e) Neurology including terminal dementia problems.
(f) Urological disorders.
(g) Rheumatology including lesser-known remedies.
(h) Dermatology including Hahnemannian Conception and the clinical approach to the treatment of different skin disorders.
(i) The scope of homoeopathy in psychiatric disorders; particularly in drug dependent cases.
(j) Carcinomatous disorders and Aids.

ix) Practical demonstration of cases in clinics to improve clinical knowledge.
x) Clinical and practical prescribing approach (both acute & chronic including knowledge of using Miasm in everyday prescribing).



  • Methods employed in the clinical examination of live cases, including inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultations (Practical demonstrations).
  • Cases which present generally have gross organic or pathological changes, such as various forms of cancers, endocrinal; neurological or cardio-vascular disorders. Chronic obstinate cases, such as eczema, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and schizophrenia are also examined.

Note: The Institute maintains a wonderful working relationship between Homoeopathic and Allopathic practitioners and during an informative discussion session, students are invited to observe how Homoeopaths and Allopaths work side by side in support of each other.

IV. DAILY ROUTINE :Bengal Allen Medical Institute

Each day is scheduled to cover a particular type of pathology, e.g. Bronchospasm day, Cardiac day, Psychiatric day, Endocrine day, etc. Live cases of that pathology will be discussed in order to enhance each participant's clinical knowledge in that area through live demonstration of the steps involved in clinical examination.

Comparative Materia Medica, Clinical Therapeutics (especially of the topics with which patients were present in the morning session) and the Miasmatic Approach of Prescribing are discussed further encompassing Dr. Banerjea's family heritage of clinical and potency tips.

Throughout the course regular visits to Homoeopathic clinics, (where visitors observe fast Homoeopathic prescribing) are organised. English interpretation of the cases is provided while students sit in on consultations.

Approximately 200 live cases will be seen during the programme.

Approximately 60% - 70% is practical case demonstration and only 30% is theoretical lectures on Materia Medica, Philosophy where lots of Clinical tips are shared.

Dr. Banerjea himself will approximately take 35% - 40% of the sessions.

The timetable is very full in order to maximise your leaning opportunity. We offer exposure to a variety of lecturers and clinics whilst in Calcutta. There will be some short distance travel on some days to visit different clinics. Please come prepared for a busy schedule.


  • Marion Kellner, Berlin, Germany (2016): "...................Thank you so very much for this very good opportunity to see so many interesting cases with different pathologies. It was the best programme, I ever joined. Good opportunity to see cases with different and deep pathologies. Great opportunity to see the work in rural camps and slum clinic..........................."
  • Narain Mahtani Harchand, Madrid, Spain (2016): ".........................................Very clear and to the point and at the same time keeping rigoro to the concepts. Being A vast knowledge with them as Classical Homoeopaths; and  it was easy to follow and understand. Great job............................."
  • Sabiha Yasemin, NSW, Australia (2016): ".........................The presentation by Banerjea's and their associates was very informative end impressive. It was great to have the opportunity to tap into their vast experiences. I could not emphasize how much I appreciated what I learnt in such a short time..........................."
  • Dr. Sobhis Watcharaphong Crothers, Nonthaburi, Thailand (2016): ".............................Very Interesting, informative, step by step teaching......................"
  • Reiko Mori, Japan (2012): "I found the way how to walk on the path to professional practitioner, by observing – Interacting with teachers"
  • Lena Phillips, Australia (2012): "To see Homoeopathy being used as it should be is an Honour, I will cherish forever and remember back in the west as in operation"
  • Margarita Richardson, U.S.A. (2012): "Visiting clinics of actual practicing Homoeopaths was a privilege and an incredible experience, seeing patients with such advanced pathology"
  • Thelma West, U.K. (2011): "We met several doctors, so we were exposed to various approaches but the methods were consistent and clear, and there was no confusion. Homoeopathy can be practiced in such a simple form and that works. This clear and classical approach showed the beauty of Homoeopathy at its work"
  • Savina Tropea, Scotland (2009): "In a very short time, this course has given clear directions for Miasmatic Prescribing"
  • Camilla Howard, England (2009): "The highlight has been the clinics à Incredible cases. Really stretched my knowledge of Materia Medica & Pathology"
  • Donna Fox, England, (2009): "I have loved every minute at the Institute. All the clinics have been interesting and it was good to see some gross pathologies and medicines come to life".
  • Camilla Couzens Howard, England, (2009): "The most incredible experience. To be allowed to choose the remedy in some cases has increased my confidence".
  • Savina Tropea, Scotland, (2009): "I feel so privileged and fortunate to have enrolled to this course in Calcutta. It has been amazing to be taught by so many enlightening individuals and to see Homoeopathy in action. In a very short time, this course has given me a clear direction for my future studies, has opened up the whole world of Miasms and Miasmatic prescribing".
  • Chye Phing Teh, Malaysia, (2008): "Dr. Banerjea is brilliant in both medicine and teaching. I also feel very comfortable sitting –in with Dr. Bhatt and Dr. Basu, and I have learnt some important tips from their experience. I will definitely recommend this clinical programme to my friends and other Homoeopaths in Malaysia. I shall come again for Homoeopathy and for India".
  • Chan Yee Kam, Malaysia, (2008): "First of all it's a shock for me to experience the wonder of single dose and single remedy prescribe by our 'Gurus' here. It was really a fantastic and wonderful experience".
  • Jo Rhodes, England, (2008): "I particularly enjoyed the clinics and the chance to see so many patients from all background – from a rickshaw puller to a billionaire – and see the amazing effect Homoeopathy has on their symptoms and their lives".
  • Dr. Olfat Ghoneim, England, (2007): "As an Allopathic doctor it was not clear to my mind how it works but attending this intensified course with such a number of diverse clinical cases (amazing to believe) has shocked me and shaped me".
  • Fatima Cercas, Portugal, (2007): "Because of this course I am so excited that I want to get in touch with the "Homoeopaths without Frontiers" back home and see what they are all about and may be give them some ideas on working with under privilege people in Portugal. This course has bought me more confidence that Homoeopathy can work in all situations and varying degrees. I hope that this enthusiasm and confidence will make me a better Homoeopath".
  • Dr. Tag Sherif, England, (2007): "This must be the best decision I have made in my life, to come to Calcutta to learn about fascinating subject of Homoeopathy with Dr. B. and Janet".
  • Julie Wallace, Australia, (2007): "I feel my confidence has strengthened, I thank you for that".
  • Mary Dunne, U.K., (2007): "Unusually for me I am lost for words! This has been the experience of a lifetime – I have seen for myself the wonderful results that Homoeopathy can deliver and have felt very lucky to be here and proud that I have chosen this as my profession".
  • Jackie Lawater, Australia, (2007): "This course has certainly surpassed all my expectations.I have learnt so much and have a far better understanding of the miasms with Miasmatic Prescribing.The clinic sit-in sessions have been invaluable where else could one see so many cases and have so many observers? Calcutta has also taught me a lot about life with people".
  • Danny Hill, Kenya, (2007): "What an excellent course. I ran a clinic in a slum in Kenya and after watching Dr. Banerjea and company in action I feel the poor people of Nyalonda slum will be benefiting from far better prescription".
  • Erik Soerensen, Germany, (2007): "Thanks Dr. Banerjea for the time in India.It was a pleasure and I will return to India and continue to expand my knowledge of Homoeopathy for humanity".
  • Kate Skerrit, Poland, (2006): "I hope I can become better Homoeopath because of this experience".
  • Brit Berggraf Nordbo, Norway, (2005): "Thanks so much for a fantastic course with enthusiastic teaching".
  • Norma Callahan, U.S.A., (2005): "Wonderful experience in rural clinics".


Dr Banerjea

Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea

'.....clear, dynamic and enthusiastic both in clinic and the classroom, I love the practical tips and Materia Medica comparisons. Materia Medica came alive in his lectures'

Dr Saptarshi Banerjea

Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea

'Brilliant young lecturer. Good to have re cap, clear in his teaching methods, easy comparative Materia Medica. His emphasis on modalities were excellent'

Dr. P. Basu

Dr. P. Basu

'Very personable and enthusiastic. I've got a lot out of the presentation of cases. He makes the management easy to understand and answered my questions easily.'

Dr.B.Sarkar  Dr. B. Sarker

'A exemplary example of how to behave with the patient and when we examined the patient's he was very gentle whilst explaining the pathology.'

Dr. Ashok Das

Dr. Ashok Das

'Homoeopathic philosophy, he used good comparative examples and made me want to re study the Organon. His Clinical application of Organon was excellent.'

Dr. Debasish Mukherjee

Dr. Debasish Mukherjee

'Valuable information on the use of LM potencies. Good practical demonstration of Materia Medica in the clinic situation. His thirty years experience is demonstrated in the way he lectures with patience to us'

Dr. (Mrs.) Medha Bhatt Dr. (Mrs.) Medha Bhatt

'Really easy to follow in her clinical practice, nice pace to follow, teaching is well structured and allows the students to discuss possible remedy choices. However firm with her own decision which she explains confidently'

Dr.P.Mondol Dr. P. Mondol

'He brings patients to the classroom, along with a photographer and comprehensive notes. He is very gregarious and not only did I learn from him, I was entertained!'

  Dr. V. Bagchi

'His diagnostic skills were thorough and it was exciting to have an allopath being so enthusiastic about homoeopathy'



  1. Francis Treuherz, M.A., M.C.H., R.S. Hom. (London), Artizan Rd., Northampton, England :
    ".... This has been a most interesting course ...wonderful experience ... Indian book sellers and pharmacies are excellent and cheap too ... "
  2. Dr. Travis Herring, M.D. (U.S.A.) Orange City, Florida, U.S.A. :
    ".... The course was organised, administered and taught at the highest professional level ... the best Homoeopathic short course in the world ... "
  3. Richard Pitt, L.C.H. R.S. Hom (London), Hertford, U.K. :
    ".... The time and commitment of the various lectures reflected a personal integrity and professional capacity which is an inspiration for all classical Homoeopaths, and it was been a privilege to participate and share this experience.... "
  4. Valentine Mbaegbu, Oraukwu P.A., Nigeria :
    ".... I was highly impressed by the course and realised the depth of classical homoeopathy here ...."
  5. Karl Kienle, Hohenschaftlarn, Germany :
    ".... At the end of the course I understand why Calcutta is called the 'Mecca of Homoeopathy...."
  6. Marieke Kuik, Utrecht. Holland :
    "....It made me to realise that there is not one way of using Homoeopathy, as have been taught at my school, but there is always lot to learn.... "
  7. Julia Twohig, 18, Pelham Street, Adelaide, Australia :
    ".... Special thanks to Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea for his inspirational teaching and organisation and his generosity in sharing his treasured ancestral tips"


i) Medium of discussion : English
ii) Duration of programme : 2 weeks
iii) Working Schedule: 5 days working, Monday-Friday usually 9.30 a.m.up to 5.00 p.m. In addition a Rural Clinic is organised on one the weekend and on the other, an optional visit to Darjeeling (in the Himalayas). As India has a rich culture, if the opportunity arises, we like to include invitations for Hindu celebrations as they arise.
iv) 2018 Dates: 25th January (Thursday) to 9th February (Friday), 2018
v) Programme Donation (Fees for Tuition only) : As stated above the Institute is a 'Registered Non-profiteering Charity', so we accept your contribution as a 'donation' for tuition at a minimum amount of £ 850

To be calculated @ present exchange rate with British Pounds of the day of remittance.

Accommodation and all other food expenses are to be met separately by each individual participant. The Institute provides a varied home-cooked lunch, and tea/coffee during the working days. This is included in your programme donation.



Clinical Training IndiaA workshop of extensive Clinical discussions designed to illustrate the action of Homoeopathy in gross pathologies and including live case discussions and live case analysis. Dates for 2018: 10th February 2018 (Saturday). This workshop is scheduled to coincide with the end of the full 2 weeks programme in order that participants may stay on for further study, if desired. This programme will encompass:

(a) Advanced Pathology and Homoeopathy: - 2 or 3 patients suffering from gross pathologies such as Advanced/Terminal Cancer, Advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis, Terminal Dementia, Eczema with Ulceration, etc. will be scheduled to attend the clinic. Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea will do analysis of these cases from the point of view of their Miasm, the best approach to prescribing, the scope of homoeopathy e.g. curative or palliative, together with Clinical and Comparative Materia Medica.

(b) Case Taking and the Practical Application of Miasmatic Dissection in Live Cases: A facilitated Clinical Workshop with live patients where participants will take the case in the class and will spend the remainder of the day discussing it with Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea. The aim is to instill confidence in all aspect of Case Taking, Case Analysis, Evaluation of Symptoms, Miasmatic Analysis, Miasmatic break-up of each symptom of the taken case, Remedy selection incorporating Miasmatic and Symptomatic Totality and Clinical & Comparative Materia Medica.

The cost of the optional One Day of Advanced Clinical Workshop, as detailed above is £80 (including refreshments and lunch).


1) Duration : 4 Sessions.

2) Programme Details:

(a) Dr. Subrata & Saptarshi Banerjea individually sees about 15 to 20 patients in each session (morning/evening).
(b) Both of the Banerjea's main approach is prescribing on Miasmatic dyscrasia of the person whilst also taking note of the totality of symptoms as well as giving strong emphasis on behaviours, attitude, postural gestures and body language of the patient. Subrata & Saptarshi have inherited this approach from 105+ years of their ancestral Homoeopathy;
(c) During the clinical sessions, Dr. Banerjea shares the gems of "Ancestral Tips & Clinical Intuition".
(d) The sitting-in includes extensive clinical demonstration, observation of remedy reactions through follow-ups; and elucidation of comparison of remedies through live case-taking and analysis together with potency tips.
(e) There will be exposure to different socio-economic group of people and possibility of observing gross pathologies like cancer, ulcerative psoriasis, etc. Also rapid acute prescribing technique is followed in this busy clinic. To sit in with the day-to-day practice will give you the opportunity to observe 'remedy-reactions' through follow-ups, and you will gain confidence in the real scope of Homoeopathy.
(f) The cost of these 4 sessions is £200 ( Total 4 sessions).
1 session with Subrata & 3 sessions with Saptarshi.
This will be arranged during the programme itself (on Saturday &/or in the evenings e.g., 5 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.).
If you are further interested, please contact Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea directly.

  • Due to Dr. Banerjea's commitments in England, he only periodically visits India, therefore, it is not possible to arrange such Clinical sessions before or after the programme but only during the evenings and on Saturdays of the 2 weeks programme.


3) Programme Schedule : Four sessions (each session consists of about 2.30 hours).

4) Programme Fees : £200 (for 4 sessions).

5) Mode of Payment : Payment should be made in full before commencement of the Programme. Payment can be made in Indian Rupees.

6) Confirmation : If you are further interested, please confirm at your earliest.


During your stay you will be offered the opportunity to buy homoeopathic books and medicines at local Indian prices, e.g., Boericke's Materia Medica will cost approx. £3 and 5 ml of Homoeopathic Potency will cost 0.25 Cents. The Institute will assist you with your purchases by liasing directly with the supplier, if you so require. Genuine hand-succussed homoeopathic potencies, medicine kits, globules of different sizes including Hahnemannian poppy-seed size etc., glass vials, wooden boxes and cabinets etc. are all available at excellent prices so be sure to plan your budget accordingly!


As mentioned previously, the Institute is a Registered Charity. As such, we fund the following initiatives:

(i) Milk Distribution Project (for street and slum-dwelling children),
(ii) Free Slum Clinic (Homeo Clinic),
(iii) Mobile Medical Van to cater for the needs of poor and destitute street and slum dwellers of the city and suburbs. Your generous contribution will be gratefully received.

(iv) INDIAN COOKING SECRETS: An experienced Indian cook will be available to share her secrets and expertise. A four hour session will cost £15. Please apply in advance.

Dr Banerjea and Janet in Slum Clinic
Dr Subrata K. Banerjea and Janet in Slum Clinic
Subrata  K. Banerjea Lecturing
Subrata K. Banerjea Lecturing
Subrata  K. Banerjea
Subrata K. Banerjea in the Clinic


i) Advance Registration: Places on all courses may be reserved by paying £150 as a (non-refundable) deposit, which should reach the Institute at least 30 days in advance of the stipulated commencement of the relevant programme.

ii) Payment of Advance Registration Deposit should be made by Cashiers Cheque/ Bankers' Draft and can be sent directly to our address in India preferably via Courier Service — Federal Express, Elbee or DHL Courier etc. alternatively we recommend you to send to our United Kingdom office (Allen College of Homoeopathy, "Sapiens", 382 Baddow Road, Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 9RA, England) preferably by Registered/Recorded post/delivery.

* All Cheques to be drawn in favour of 'Bengal Allen Medical Institute'.

You can also send by direct international money transfer to our bank in India (all expenses e.g. bank commission charges etc. should be borne by you) and a copy of the transfer document must be sent to us by post.

Our Bank Details: -

Please e.mail us for Bank details, thank you.

iii) Balance Payment: Balance Payment: The balance amount (non-refundable) should be transferred 7 days prior to your departure or 10 days before the starting of the course by direct Bank transfer. You can also pay by British pounds or equivalent US Dollars Banker's Draft/ Cashier's Cheque issued by the Bank. In such case, we need to see your paying-in slip to the Bank for the amount.

We recommend Direct Bank Transfer before your departure of the remaining amount. Payment by Personal Cheque, Traveller's Cheques, Cards or Cash will not be accepted.

iv) Local Registration: Those who do not send the advance deposit may remit the entire programme donation together with a late fee of £100 per person on their arrival at the Institute. This payment should be made in British Pounds or equivalent US Dollars Banker's Draft/ Cashier's Cheque of the entire amount, payable to "Bengal Allen Medical Institute", issued by the Bank. In such case, we need to see your paying-in slip to the Bank for the amount.

We recommend Direct Bank Transfer before your departure.

Payment by Personal Cheque, Traveller's Cheques, Cards or Cash will not be accepted.

v) Cancellation: No refund is granted in case of cancellation of registration or postponing the participation. Moreover no deduction or concession is possible from the 'programme donation' or in the case of partial attendance. As the programme donation goes for the charity, therefore, it should be treated as a donation.

vi) Approximate total expenditure in Calcutta (including return flight from London): A guide to estimated minimum expenditure:

(a) Programme Donation £ 850
(b) Post Programme Clinical Workshop (optional) £ 80
(c) Accommodation (Basic) (Hotel Bills) @ £20 x 16 days (less, if you share) £ 320
(d) Food Expenses (Average Restaurant Bills) @ £6 x 16 days £ 96
(e) Local Transport (including transport to different Clinics approx. £40) Total. £ 100
(f) Miscellaneous Expenses £ 100
(g) Flight (London – Calcutta – London) £ 560

TOTAL EXPENDITURE £ 2106 (approx.)

viii) This programme is intended for Overseas students but there are limited places for Indian students, upon application.

The cost of the programme for students with an Indian Passport, who are permanent residents of India is Rs.46,000.00 (Rupees Forty Six Thousand only) for the entire programme which also includes Lunch and tea etc during the course.


Please send the following documents to our address in India preferably via Courier Service — Federal Express, Elbee or DHL Courier etc., alternatively we recommend you to send to our United Kingdom office (Allen College of Homoeopathy, "Sapiens", 382 Baddow Road, Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 9RA, England) preferably by Registered/Recorded post/delivery and on receiving the same a place will be reserved for you.

i) Application Form, duly completed,
ii) Advance non-refundable deposit of British Pounds £150 by Cashiers' Cheque/Bankers' Draft to be drawn in favour of BENGAL ALLEN MEDICAL INSTITUTE.

On receipt of your completed Application Form and Advance Registration Deposit, we will send you further Practical Information (e.g. books to read before travelling, things to pack etc.), which will help to make your stay in Calcutta comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. Mother India looks forward to welcoming you to her land and to the renaissance of Homoeopathy!

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