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Daniela Karsten

Daniela Karsten- Graduate of The Allen College of Homoeopathy and Assistant at The Allen Teaching Clinic

Pure and Simple
If anyone was ever in any doubt about the power and efficacy of the homoeopathic simplex and similimum, this case is a nice example of Hahnemann's basic philosophy at work.

Fiona Wray

CASE STUDY 16th November 2011

Female: Age 50yrs.
Part Time Administrator - Family business.
Married with two grown up children.
Appearance: Petite, slim, well dressed.
Punctual, talkative.
Allopathic Medication: Amlodapeine: 5mg daily for high BP since March 2011.

Helen Vuletin

Miasm: Myth or Is There Something to It?
Homeopathy is what makes me come alive! I love everything about it – the philosophy of homeopathic medicine, its elegant simplicity as both a healthcare and lifestyle choice, and most of all I love the way homeopathy makes me think deeply and provocatively. Throughout my homeopathic education, I was fortunate and blessed to receive tutelage from many world-renowned scholars and practitioners of homeopathy. I always considered one of my main responsibilities as a student to identify practitioner biases where the practice of homeopathy was concerned, no matter how passionate or persuasive the argument for a particular perspective. One of the greatest biases and issues of contention in homeopathy is the disagreement on what Hahnemann really meant by the word "miasm".