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Resources & Media

Corinne Snowling

"Nearing the end of 4 of the most exciting, stimulating and encouraging years of my life, I can say that the Allen College is going to stand proud in the world of Classical Homoeopathy and I am privileged to have been a part of it's early growth. The course is very professionally run by the most caring and experienced tutors - everyone is aiming for the same goal, to spread the word of homoeopathy as Hahnemann taught, with emphasis upon miasmatic prescribing, led by our dynamic Principal Dr Subrata Banerjea. " .......

Jan Taylor

" I feel incredibly fortunate that I chose the Allen college for my inspiring and rewarding journey into Homoeopathy, expertly guided by the most knowledgeable tutors. "

Case Presentation : 24th June 2004: Cough, 19 year duration - what cough?

Joy Shankster

Notes on visit to Springfield Hospital – Critical Care Unit

Richard Spalding, Team Leader of the Critical Care Unit at Springfield Hospital, Chelmsford, invited me to spend a day with his Team to study the allopathic approach to pain and the work of a surgical recovery room.

Janet Banerjea, Vice Principal - Homoeopathy and Me

Janet has been practising homoeopathy for almost 20 years and regularly lectured since 1992. Her passion for the subject has taken her regularly to India for over 19 years and she has participated in many activities there, including prescribing in rural areas. She is committed to the charity which supports homoeopathic treatment in the slums of Calcutta and frequently organises events to raise funds. She teaches philosophy and practice management at the Allen College of Homoeopathy and supports homoeopaths in practise by offering regular post graduate supervision.

Saptarshi Banerjea


When I first stepped foot on German soil I got the feeling ¡§Here I am! The birthplace of Homoeopathy¡¨. What excited and fascinated me the most was this is the country where most of our polychrests had been proved for the first time about 200 years back and the country where Organon had been written.

Rita Niehorster

An interesting Case By Rita Niehorster (Ex Post Graduate student of Allen College)

I would like to present you with this case and show how the 'watch and wait' teaching from the Allen College of homoeopathy works so well.

Daniela Karsten CASE STUDY

Mary walked into the consulting room. A retired head-teacher of seventy seven, I noted that she was well presented and of robust stature. Mary had a complex personal and medical history, yet the presenting complaint she wished homoeopathy to address was one of a history of recurrent urinary tract infections, the most recent of which had been ongoing since October 2009 and culminated in July 2010 in an acute kidney infection for which she was hospitalised and treated with intravenous antibiotics.

Joan Macdonald

Post-graduate Homoeopathic Practitioners - Information for overseas practitioners

International standard for using remedies: Classical Homoeopathy - references from the 'Old Masters' – Hahnemann, Kent, etc. (see below, reference texts)

Donna Fox Dip Hom ACH RSHom.

Postgraduate Student Allen College of Homoeopathy, Technical Supervisor for Video-link Courses for overseas and long distance students.


Donna Fox - My Time in Calcutta


In the past whenever I've seen India on the television, I would think to myself I could never go there, all the mad chaos, traffic, crowds of people.  Well I was nearing the end of my fourth year at The Allen College of Homoeopathy. Obviously I knew about the Bengal Allen Post Graduate course in Calcutta and I thought perhaps I would like to do it one day. I overheard a fellow student mention she was going, which got me thinking, but I thought I have a project to do, presentation to prepare, another six patients to find, exams coming up and couldn't afford it after Christmas ............