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Bellis Perennis - Case: Joan Macdonald

April, 2013

Case – 60 year old woman

Presenting complaint: Lower back pain radiating toward left hip, down outside thigh toward knee.

Medical diagnosis: Lower spine, collapsed disc with two large abscesses in spine

Presently - on waiting list for hip surgery, left side. Recently diagnosed - left hip had been fractured in car accident – missed in diagnosis, 2 years ago.

Aetiology: 2 years ago, back injury

Cause & Onset: Car accident

Location: Pain radiates from lower back toward left hip, down outside of left thigh toward knee

Duration: 2 years

Treatment: not wish to take allopathic pain medications, highly chemically sensitive after application of Cortisone cream to hands, face, feet 7 years ago. After car accident used Arnica 30C. Osteopathy.

Observation: walking with a cane, leaning to the left, great effort to walk, stand upright and find a comfortable sitting position

Sensations: dull ache, pain radiates across back, toward left hip down outside of thigh

- pain sometimes sharp, catching breath

- muscle soreness, all across back toward left hip

Modalities: Worse from standing more than 10 minutes

- worse from sitting in one position

- better shifting position sitting, standing, lying down


- There are other complaints – However low back pain radiation - top of patient’s list, as it inhibits movement, life and comfort

- 7 years ago - Allergic skin reaction to cortisone cream applied to hands, face and feet by dermatologist for allergic dermatitis. Afterward continued frequent acute skin flare-ups.


As a whole patient has a very sensitive nature.

Remedy: Bellis pernnis 200C was considered – however due to patient’s stories of sensitivity, reactions to various herbals, homoeopathic remedies, natural vitamins, supplements, etc.

April, 2013 - Bellis per 30C – 1 dry poppy seed

At first appointment patient was in tears of frustration, not anyone could help ease the pains or understand how sensitive had become to chemical drugs after a dermatologist’s cortisone skin application.

June, 2013 – Second appointment - patient in the office appeared to have a better idea of what is necessary in setting up appointments, etc. for preparation for hip surgery

Observed - appeared to be about 20 % walking a little better, not as bent over to the left.

- Repeated Bellis per 30C – 1 dry poppy seed

– Observed walking from car appeared to be 50% better – still cautious when turning, or from sitting to standing because of left hip.

Patient related - hip surgery put off until January, 2014 – therefore will travel to visit children over Christmas holiday.

Patient related – in November, Osteopath – on examination said: ‘things are getting better”, back is improving, straighter than before.

Patient’s face, overall appearance calmer, however pain in hip area worse when quickly shifting positions sitting, walking, lying.

November, 2013 - repeated Bellis per 30C, 1 poppy seed dry

Next appointment on return from holiday, hearing when hip surgery scheduled, preparation for surgery