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Jan Taylor

" I feel incredibly fortunate that I chose the Allen college for my inspiring and rewarding journey into Homoeopathy, expertly guided by the most knowledgeable tutors. "

Case Presentation : 24th June 2004: Cough, 19 year duration - what cough?

This 46-year-old bank official came to see me in January 2004. He had been suffering with a cough since 1985, which began after an exceptionally bad 'cold'. It has been intermittent over the past 19 years but again in October 2003 he had another cold virus, which had once again gone to his chest, and he had been coughing ever since and was feeling very debilitated. The cough was dry and irritating with only occasional clear expectoration. In 1999 he was diagnosed with 'asthma' and given 2 puffers, which he was taking every day 3 times.

At the consultation he also revealed he has IBS type symptoms with urgency in the mornings up to 5 x before leaving for work. He has accompanying stomach cramps and a bloated upper and lower abdomen. This began in the 1990's as he has a very stressful job. He has been suffering with heartburn for the past 9 months.

5 years ago he had a fall from a first floor ladder, resulting in the left foot having a plantar fasciaitis. He could not walk for more than 10 minutes at a time without severe pain. Over the past 4 years he has had 4 steroid injections and one shock wave treatment, this, he was told was to stimulate the muscles to heal.

Essence of this patient Driven, to prove himself but not ruthless Determined and precise Impatient Creative

Generally Hot patient Perspires +++ Energy physically depleted but mental energy high Wakes early am, with thoughts of work and gets up to work


Tub +++ Syc ++ FH = Paternal GM Had TB

Dx for Rx

I felt I needed to start this case with a nosode as the constitutional was not altogether clear. The duration of suffering had been 19 years and there is a HO TB in the family. The cough had been persistent and recurrent.

I Rx Bacillinum 200c/1 & 1M/1 as a NBWS cold 19 years ago

(Ref D SK Banerjea & Dr Foubister)

First Follow Up Feb 04

Energy increased to 8/10 Sense of well being much >, happier, sharp mind and desire to do more physically The PC - Cough - Improved, now only 2 paroxysms from 5-6, and not so violent. Sleeping though the night, no sickness with cough. Hom Agg - 2 days of sneezing producing more mucus then cleared No % given IBS type sx Stool reduced am to twice 30% > Bloating 60% > Thermal reaction Usually very hot with sweat 25% > Impatience 5% >

This patient has begin to think more holistically and healthily. Is going to change his diet to loose some weight and get fitter.

At this appointment we discussed his foot pains as they were restricting his life. I said we could address this at a later stage with Arnica in high potency but did not want to interrupt the Bacillinum at this stage, so suggested to the pt that he buy some arnica cream and apply to his foot when needed.

I was very pleased with this result - and boosted his Rx.

2nd Follow up - March 04

Managed to fight off a cold, had sniffles for 3 days. Asked pt how the cough was he said 'what cough' Three weeks ago the cough ceased altogether 100% >

M & E feeling even better, even people at work have noticed his happiness, pt even singing now. Coping well and enjoying challenging & stressful situations

Appetite more controlled and reduced - Weight loss 5-6 lbs Heartburn now 60% > IBS type sx 75% > Perspiration - still improving

Left Foot - used the arnica cream and now feels NORMAL!! Patient walked 4 miles and cannot believe it - THE WONDER OF HOMOEOPATHY!!

Needless to say - I am delighted with this result and am sticking to boosting his Rx

3rd Follow Up - May '04

Pt had another acute cold, which ended up with a dry and persistent deep wheeze, some clear mucus expectorated but with difficulty. The cough is coming and going, but nowhere near as debilitating. I explained to this pt that a 19 year duration will need longer than a couple of months to clear completely and he has an understanding & acceptance of this and is very happy with the outcome so far.

Pt sights the Number 1 problem this month as the return of the IBS type sx. He is getting a hot feeling in his stomach and loose stool in am and evening.

M & E He is fine but less euphoric than last month Energy Has dipped slightly Sleep Has had a couple of nights awakening at 4am and working Foot s/s status but pt says 95% > Appetite Slipped back to old habits a bit and eating too quickly Heartburn S/S Perspiration S/S

Rx Bacillinum 1M/2 over 5 days each with 7 day gap in between

This pt has relapsed and I feel it now time after 4 months to repeat the medicine at the 1M potency.

4th Follow up - June 04

Cough Cleared again 100% > No inhalers Energy Improved 8/10 IBS Improved, stool 2 x each am from 5 x Bloating almost cleared Heartburn Reduced 70%> Weight Loss of 4lbs M&E Feels much better Sleep Only one period of waking at 3-4am Perspiration Improved and not so breathless

ROS Hayfever returned 2/52 ago, has had injection for this - ugh, all in good time I tell myself, it's about time and education of the patient!


I am delighted with the progress of this patient and so is he. He is aware that it will take a while to 'cure' his cough and he is willing to keep on with the homoeopathy, even though he says he cannot understand how it works! BUT KNOWS IT DOES.

Case written by Jan Taylor - Hahnemann Year - Allen College Graduate