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Saptarshi Banerjea


When I first stepped foot on German soil I got the feeling ¡§Here I am! The birthplace of Homoeopathy¡¨. What excited and fascinated me the most was this is the country where most of our polychrests had been proved for the first time about 200 years back and the country where Organon had been written.

I will not give a chronological day to day description of my Hahnemann Trail Germany in 2008 but I want to elucidate the most memorable moments of that trip.

Me and my dad (Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea), followed the Hahnemannian trail starting from Meissen ¡V the birth place of our master „³Koethen „³ Leipzig „³ Stuttgart.

For photographs: http://www.homoeopathy-course.com/pictures_hahnemann.html 


A very beautiful quiet small town. We visited the porcelain factory where Hahnemann¡¦s father used to work. The guide took us along the still preserved cobbled street of 17th century along which Master Hahnemann used to walk to school. We visited the Prince¡¦s school. I was astonished by the fact that ¡§Aude Sapere¡¨ was engraved outside the gate of his school, it was the motto of his school and it was present from much before Hahnemann was admitted to the school. So, he could have got an inspiration from that engravement itself about applying it in his Organon.


We visited Hahnemann¡¦s house in Koethen which is well preserved still today. I had the privilege to touch his original chair (photo attached) and see his box of medicine which had ¡§Similia Similibus Curantur¡¨ written on it. One story amazed me was when one of his friends came to visit him, he was taking a walk in the garden. He said to Hahnemann, ¡§Is this your famous garden which you always mention, it¡¦s so small?¡¨ Hahnemann said, ¡§You only measured the length, look at the breath!¡¨ „³ That means it extends up to the sky „³ Limitless. This small example speaks volumes of his deep wit.

We also visited Hering¡¦s birthplace in Koethen.That house is maintained still today and we also saw few notes of his Lachesis proving kept there dated ¡§July 28th, 1828¡¨..That was fascinating

It was here that our Master stayed in two rooms with his half a dozen children. It is indeed remarkable to feel his passion that he could have easily practiced conventional medicine and bought a better house in Koethen but he had that dedication for Homoeopathy „³ The courage of his own convictions.


This was the city where our Master was most insulted and criticized. It is said that the statue of Master Hahnemann here has been built facing exactly opposite to the city of Leipzig, so as to express our Master¡¦s anguish and rage towards the people of the city for looking down upon Homoepathy.


I am one of the few privileged persons in the homoeopathic world who got the chance to view ¡V Organon written by Hahnemann in his our handwriting which is still preserved in the Hahnemannian archive. It was so fascinating to see all the small footnotes written about 200 years back.

What amazed me throughout my journey was that this immortal man moved 24 times throughout his entire life. This is a sign that he was forced to move because of the intense criticism he faced for practicing and preaching Homoeopathy and on the other hand his unending dedication for this system of treatment which made him rather move to another place than bow down to intense pressure!