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Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea is an internationally respected teacher and clinical Homoeopath who has regularly lectured around the World since 1985. For three generations, the 'Banerjea family' has been recognised as authorities on Miasmatic Prescribing and Dr. Banerjea continues this tradition, now being acclaimed as the world-wide 'MASTER OF MIASMS'. Remaining true to the Hahnemannian, Allen and Kentian principles, Dr. Banerjea graduated in Homoeopathy from the University of Calcutta with a record number of honours marks in 9 medical subjects

He is also credited with 5 Gold Medalsfor his academic accomplishments.

An author by age of 24, Dr. Banerjea has written a number of books including Guide to Materia Medica, Clinical and Comparative Materia Medica. Synoptic Memorizers of Materia Medica, and the widely acclaimed Miasmatic Diagnosis. All of these books are published by B. Jain Publishers of India. But his latest book "Miasmatic Prescribing" is published by Allen College Of Homoeopathy in England. This new book gives a complete coverage on Miasms and includes interesting and informative chapters such as Miasmatic Repertory and Miasmatic Weightage of Medicines.

Janet Robinson-Banerjea

Janet Robinson-Banerjea, R.S.Hom

Janet Robinson-BanerjeaJanet Robinson-Banerjea has lectured since 1992 in England and in Calcutta as a visiting overseas lecturer. Her experience with a wide variety of cases enables her to make deep and thorough prescriptions and Janet continues to study throughout the world focusing her attention on the development and understanding of Classical Homoeopathy. In the U.K. she has contributed to the National Occupational Standards Workshops, and established a credit degree programme with a leading training organisation.

As Vice Principal of the Allen College of Homoeopathy, Janet applies her expertise in the setting of training standards, assessment criteria and clinical training methods for the students.

Clinics In England
Janet Robinson- Banerjea, R.S.Hom

Janet Robinson Banerjea has been practicing in her own Homoeopathic clinic since 1991 and has completed post-graduate advanced study as an Homoeopathic Physician at the Bengal Allen Medical Institute in Calcutta, India.

Modern Classical Prescribing


buy Lyrica 75 mg By
Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea,Gold Medalist
B.H.M.S. (Honours in Nine Subjects of Calcutta University)

Fellow: Society of Homoeopaths, U.K Fellow: Homoeopathic Medical Association of the United Kingdom. Fellow: Association of Natural Medicine, U.K
best books on binary options trading Fellow: Akademie Homoopathischer Deutscher Zentralverein, Germany. Director: Bengal Allen Medical Institute
Principal: Allen College of Homoeopathy, Essex, England.

"Sapiens", 382, Baddow Road, Great Baddow,
Chelmsford, Essex CM2 9RA, England
Tel. 44 (0) 1245 505859
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Buy Tastylia Online No Prescription Needed This section is meant for homoeopaths only. Applying the following protocol it may be possible in some instances to reduce the dependence on conventional medicine. The practice in India by licensed doctors such as B.H.M.S, who can reduce pharmaceutical drugs, if deemed appropriate. However, in the U.K, if the patient is requesting the reduction and is deemed fit enough they may consult with the GP about such reduction of medication, then the following protocol may be useful as a guide.

opciones binarias a corto plazo The control lies with the patient who will consult with the conventional medicine prescribing doctor. I have found that with collaboration between medical doctors, patients and homoeopaths this empowers the patient and gives confidence to the process. The involvement in this process may, in some instances, raise the patient's energy . I do not advise how much medication to be reduced because that should be guided by the G.P/ Doctor. Any reduction in allopathic drugs mentioned in this section is related to my experience in my Indian Homoeopathic Centres. In the U.K it should be done with full consent of the patient and the prescribing medical doctor/ G.P.

This do not represent evidence but personal opinion of the patients treated by Dr. Banerjea. Also there is no claim for weaning off is always possible or successful, neither any intention to imply that all such diseases can be improved by homoeopathy.

5 Generations of Homoeopathy


Click here to view Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea the latest of our 5 generations
1st Generation: Kalipada Banerjee Late Kalipada Banerjee was born in a town near Calcutta in the year 1846. After completion of basic studies, he became interested in Homoeopathy and started studying Homoeopathy of his own accord. At that time there was no Homoeopathic Colleges in Calcutta. After acquiring knowledge in the Homoeopathic science, he started practicing Homoeopathy in his native hometown. Gradually his reputation fell around. At that time a German Homoeopath, named Dr. L. Salzer, M.D. was practicing Homoeopathy in the city of Calcutta and have had a good reputation. Late Kalipada Banerjee consulted him for one of his difficult cases. Dr. Salzer was much impressed to see the prescription that have already been made by Kalipada Banerjee and opined to continue the treatment in the same line.

Overseas Coordinators

Allen College of Homoeopathy is truly an international organisation offering training in the UK, India and Worldwide via our classroom and live video link training. As part of our structure, we have several co-ordinators across the world to support our students throughout and beyond their studies. Locations include the USA, Canada, Belgium, Norway and Saudi Arabia.

Calcutta Homoeopathic Charity

(Free Homoeopathic Clinic & Milk Distribution)
Calcutta Milk Project & Mobile Medical Unit 

Mobile Medical Unit offering free homoeopathic treatment to the slum dwellers of Calcutta
Bengal Allen Medical Institute, Calcutta (India) and Allen College Of Homoeopathy, Essex (England) are pleased to be associated with the Kamala Benerjee Memorial Fund, which is a charity supporting the poorer people of Calcutta by providing free homoeopathic treatment (homeo clinics) in the slums and free milk to orphans and slum dwelling children, since 1986.

The mobile van has been operating since 1992. All these projects are entirely supported by donations.

Currently approximately 250 people benefit from the services each week. Please see the photographs of the project below.

Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea


B.H.M.S, Honours in Nine subjects of Health University

S.C.G.M Award for 1st position in the University
1st Position in All India M.D. Entrance Examination

Visting Lecturer: Orawan Holistic Institute,Bangkok,Thailand
Asst. Director-Bengal Allen Medical Institute
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea was born in Calcutta, India, the fifth generation of a distinguished and widely respected homoeopathic family. His insights into prescribing with his magnificent grasp of the nuances of Materia Medica make his lectures wonderfully rewarding and gives him the confidence in prescribing especially in cases with pathology. He acts as Clinical Consultant in various rural and slum clinics. In India, he often sees around 50 patients a day in his medical centres. Such volume requires the use of extensive ready knowledge of Clinical and Comparative Materia Medica coupled with profound intuition and application of ancestral wisdom. Saptarshi inherits his clinical acumen and wisdom from his illustrious father, Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea, the successful Clinician & internationally respected teacher of Miasms and author of widely acclaimed books, "Miasmatic Prescribing"; "Authentic Cures".

Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea is a popular young lecturer and his dedication to the truth of homoeopathy is regarded as inspiring and unsurpassed. His enthusiasm for the "Old School Classical Homoeopathy" and it's practical implementation in the drug dependent modern world is awesome!



For details contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Saptarshi's Photos

Saptarshi's Presentation of the Emotional Picture of Natrum mur.

Saptarshi's Lecture Video on Osteo-Arthritis at Bengal Allen Medical Institute

Saptarshi's Presentation on Comparative Materia Medica of Helonias

Saptarshi’s presentation on Importance of Organopathics

Saptarshi's Presentation: Listen the Cough Sounds & Diagnose the Remedy - part 1

Saptarshi's Presentation: Listen the Cough Sounds & Diagnose the Remedy - part 2


Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea lecturing in Bangkok


Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea with his Thai Students

Saptarshi GoldMedal

Saptarshi receiving the Gold Medal for
1st position at the University

Saptarshi WestBengal

Saptarshi with Director of Homoeopathy,
Govt. of West Bengal

Comparative Materia Medica Sinusitis

Dr.Saptarshi Banerjea discussing Comparative Materia Medica on Sinusitis.

Classical Methodology Houston

On Classical Methodology, Saptarshi in Houston.